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Important BMW M5, M6 Rod Bearing Information

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For BMW M5 and M6 Guys

Up until 2011 BMW has been using rod bearings with copper and lead material. These bearings are subject to premature wear. This in some events lead to catastrophic engine failures.

As a preventative measure we offer S85 V10 M5 and M6s rod bearing replacement service packages.
Recommended by 60k miles.

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BMW S85 Rod Bearing Service:

(S85 V10)

Duration: 2 business days
Parts included in the service:

  • 11247841703, upper bearings
  • 11247841702, upper bearings
  • 11247834522, connecting rod bolts
  • Engine assembly lube
  • 11137836361, oil pan gasket
  • 07119905485, oil pan screws
  • 07129905600, oil pan screws
  • 11137836568, oil pan screws
  • 07119963129, seal washers
  • 11417836233, auxiliary oil pump gaskets
  • 11121304174, oil pickup tube o-ring
  • Motor Oil and Filter


  • Vanos Pressure Line (additional labor applies)
  • WPC treated bearings

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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