Porsche Services

San Antonio, TX

Factory Maintenance Facility

Trust in our expertise to keep your Porsche in optimal condition, thanks to our meticulous care and precision as a Porsche factory maintenance specialist.

Porsche Repair Facility

Secure excellence and enjoy the benefits. We exclusively utilize top-tier fluids and German OE parts tailored for your Porsche, all under warranty, coupled with a complimentary thorough inspection from bumper to bumper with each visit.

Trustworthy Porsche Service

We provide a wide range of services, including routine maintenance, oil and filter changes, brake flushes, alignments, tire rotations, and much more. Our parts prices and labor rates are more affordable, and we offer quicker turnaround times than dealerships. Even during routine services, our technicians thoroughly inspect your car, and our service manager will provide estimates and no-pressure recommendations at no extra charge. We embrace an open-door policy, meaning we’re happy to show you in person what needs fixing or send estimates with photos if you can’t visit the shop. You have the right to know exactly what you’re paying for.

Repairs on Porsches can be costly and frustrating. Dealerships often focus on warranty repairs rather than addressing the root cause of problems. This is a common issue, but it doesn’t happen with us. We are dedicated to diagnosing the problem accurately and fixing it right the first time.

Our Porsche Service Promise

Our passion lies in all things Porsche, including service and performance. Our expertise spans from the air-cooled to the water-cooled eras, with our technicians bringing decades of comprehensive Porsche knowledge and experience.

Our team boasts thirty years of combined experience at Porsche dealerships. They are factory-trained, highly motivated, and certified experts in their field.

We’re well-versed in Porsche fundamentals and equipped with the latest tools for servicing and repairs. We exclusively use German OE parts and Porsche-approved fluids, ensuring your peace of mind. We meticulously document all services with part numbers (and can stamp your service books) to maintain your factory warranty and provide confidence even after your warranty expires. This commitment ensures you can enjoy your Porsche for many years to come.

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