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The Brand Value of German Cars vs The Rest of the World

It’s long been said that German engineering has been the catalyst behind German car values staying high in the competitive world of automobiles. With that attention to high quality, speed and performance, German brands are a status symbol in the U.S. and easily a luxury vehicle. In Germany, interestingly enough, your taxi driver is likely to drive a Mercedes S-class. German brands are much more common and not at all exclusive to the wealthy.

It starts with Mercedes Benz…

German car valuesIs it any wonder that Mercedes-Benz has unseated Toyota and BMW to become the world’s most valuable automobile brand? Increased sales numbers boosted Mercedes-Benz up to this number one position. The Mercedes-Benz has long been associated with comfort and the Mercedes E class is no exception. Starting price for the E43 is $72,595.

BMW takes third

German car valuesPerhaps the most accessible German luxury vehicle, is BMW. Earning third in the race for the world’s most valuable automobile brand, BMW boasts a brand value of $41.8 billion. It’s also worth noting that the BMW brand revolves around a mission statement of providing premium products and services. BMW is looking at an even better year with their M-series. Take a look at what the M’s offer.

Despite Dieselgate, Volkswagen takes fourth

German car valuesIt doesn’t end with BMW, the more affordable Volkswagen brings up the number 4 position for world’s most valuable automobile brand. Amazing considering the 2016 drop they sustained during “Dieselgate”. VW enters the finish line with a brand value of $21,014 billion dollars. The Volkswagen brand shot up 32% last year! Amazing growth in light of their issues.

German Car Values – Porsche comes in at 7th

German car valuesPorsche comes in at number 7 as most valuable automobile brand. Coming in with a brand value of $19,055 billion. Going into production next year on the Mission E Cross Turismo, Porsche hope to continue their climb to the top.

Ending the Race, Audi at #9

German car valuesThe final driver is Audi who made the list at number 9 with a brand value of $14,9512 billion. Coming out with the E-tron and other series, Audi will be one to watch for the future.

Stepping back to our original headline, “German Car Brand Value vs The Rest of the World”, isn’t really hard to figure out; 5 of the top 10 cars that hit the list of World’s Most Valuable Brand Automobile are German made vehicles.

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