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Lost Keys and Wheel Locks for a Luxury Car – It’s Not the Challenge You Think

Mechanic unlocking lug nutI lose my keys all the time; so, I wasn’t too surprised when a gentleman entered the shop the other day, thoroughly irritated because he had lost his wheel lock key. He loved the idea of the wheel locks when he bought his new Beemer, because he traveled into some industrial areas and he used long-term parking at the airport frequently. However, now that he had an appointment to have his brakes serviced, he had no idea where the key for the locking lug nut was….and what the replacement cost might be.

Locking Lug Nuts, The Reason Why

Wheel locks are a security device to deter theft of your factory alloy wheels and custom wheels. If you drive a luxury car, you’re already a target for wheel theft. However, with a wheel lock, it becomes much more difficult to quickly remove and steal your car’s shoes.

Wheel locks are becoming more standard, as an OEM part and feature. Let’s face it, if you’re one of those people who bought an original, paid the price for an original, you’d kind of like to keep it that way; wheel locks and all. However, that key…that key is a problem; or is it?

Lost key? The wheel lock tool to try

Like I said in the beginning I lose my keys all the time, but I have several, plus I have a locator on them now because my spouse said I had to, that’s another story! Point being, most of us don’t have a locator on our wheel lock key, and as it passes from mechanic shop to you, it’s easy to misplace or lose it completely.

No fear, they can be removed by this handy tool from LTI Tools. The LT400-25 is designed to remove wheels locks when the key is lost. (You will have to replace the wheel locks once they’re removed.) This handy little tool is cut in such a way that it grips into the wheel lock to remove it. Here’s a great YouTube video showing the process.

Going it on your own, no key, wheel lock removal

Even if you don’t use the LT400-25, you’ll want to have some type of wheel lock removal kit if you attempt this on your own. Other tools you’ll need will include a rubber mallet, punch, and lug nut wrench.

Be sure the size of the wheel lock removal kit is correct for your vehicle. You’ll pound the wheel lock removal socket firmly over the nut or bolt head; making sure it digs into the surface of the head. You will then attach the handle and firmly but patiently begin the removal process by turning and allowing the teeth to dig further into the head. Once removed, you will need to use the punch and mallet to remove the head from the removal device. See step by step instructions here: https://toptooladvisor.com/remove-wheel-locks/

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