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Dealership Service vs Repair Shop

Does it matter?

It’s time to talk about who should work on your BMW, Porsche or Audi. Take it to the dealership or a certified repair shop that specializes in your make of car and is factory trained? Does it really matter? The answer is a definite yes/maybe.

The war between dealerships and specialized repair shops has raged on for years and will probably continue way past the time you read this blog. It really doesn’t have to be a war however, both have a place in your cars’ life.

Foreign certified auto repair shopDealership vs Repair Shop -“The Dealership”

There really are times when the dealership is the best choice for your car over certified repair shop.

New cars under warranty are best served by the dealership. Why pay for repairs covered under warranty? Plus, they normally provide a loaner car if they keep your vehicle overnight for FREE as part of your warranty package.

In a hurry? The dealership might be your best choice. Dealerships, because of their reputation for being higher priced, normally aren’t as busy as your foreign auto mechanic. Yes, you’re going to pay more, but if you’re in a hurry is price really an issue?

If you are having a specific part issue, like the convertible top has suddenly gone haywire. A dealer might be a better bet for this repair. Dealers are better equipped when a unique part decides to break and it’s a simple replacement. In contrast, dealerships aren’t a great choice when your car has multiple problems and all are complex and perhaps related. Diagnostics and time to fix and cost a fortune.

Dealership vs A Foreign Repair Shop -“The Certified Auto Repair Specialist”

Okay, so above you have some instances when the dealership may be a better option, but let’s face it, most of us don’t have the money to spend at the dealership. Now we can make the case for an independent dealership alternative.

Do your homework before you choose this shop. Make sure they specialize in the service of your year, make and model. Check if they are ASE Certified Mechanics and factory trained to work on your vehicle.

Consumer Reports found that most people are more satisfied with the service they receive from a auto mechanic vs a dealership. In fact, independent shops outscore dealerships in price, quality of work, courteousness of staff and on-time performance.

One great thing about a dealership alternative repair is the team doesn’t have to be by the book. Independent mechanics have a genuine knowledge of your car and don’t need step by step instructions. It’s kind of like a chef at a fine dining establishment. Would you want your food cooked via recipe or by a master trained chef that doesn’t need to measure and it turns out fantastic?

Find a shop where mechanics think outside the box, it can sometimes cut hours off a repair where the problem is complex and not straightforward. This mean mega savings in labor and time.

Want to know more about what a certified auto repair shop can offer, call German Car Specialist in San Antonio at 210-399-1172. Dealership vs Repair Shop, they’ll help you find the answer.

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