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Valentine’s Day Tune-Up, The perfect gift to show your baby some love.

Valentine day tune up your baby

Remember the first time you saw your baby? It was like everything else dropped out of existence; your eyes drank in her raw beauty; those sleek seductive curves, the luminous shimmer as the light danced along her body; right there you pledged your loyalty. No one understands the mystique of your relationship, but it’s only the best for your car.

Your car, keeping her purring

Your whip deserves only the finest in care to keep her purring like new. She loved the little lift you gave her at Christmas, she likes to stay fit. That New Year’s spa day where they buffed her body was great, and wow did your baby ever look stunning after that! But what about her internal needs. Your baby may be aching for a Valentine’s Day tune up.

Keep your car in peak performance by treating her to a little tune up this Valentine’s Day. Experts say you should (https://driving-tests.org/beginner-drivers/importance-of-routine-tune-ups/) treat your auto to a tune up every 30,000 miles or so to keep her purring like a kitten. If you wait till your baby has a problem, you’re breaking your promise to take care of her and she may decide to leave you some cold dark night when you need her the most.

Don’t scrimp on your baby’s Valentine gift

Only the best for your car, so ask around when looking for a qualified facility for a tune-up. Family, friends and co-workers are a great resource, they know the depth of your obsession. Check them out online too, don’t leave your v-dub, benz or beemer vulnerable. Make sure they are ASE certified mechanics and knowledgeable to work on your baby.

Know what to expect, have them provide an itemized list of what services will be performed and the cost of those services. Good mechanics can provide estimates. Be sure you know their policy on additional services that may be recommended during the tune-up. Protect your baby’s integrity by requiring your approval prior to any action being taken that is not in the scope of work. Check out government recommendation here (https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0211-auto-repair-basics).

A little extra love for your baby

Want to chalk up a few extra points with your baby on Valentines Day? Maybe a little in-home attention will add to some pep in your baby’s step. Your baby would love some premium detailing from her daddy. Clean and condition her leather, give her carpets a steam clean, change out her air fresheners, polish the scratches out of her beautiful eyes and adorning chrome.

Need some advice on DIY gifts for you baby and how to do them, check with my friends at German Car Specialist. You can call them at 210-399-1172. No one understand the bond between your baby and you like they do.

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