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By May 9, 2014PORSCHE

DBC tuning loves to service cars from all over the world. From German-engineered expertise, to Italian luxury, we enjoy exotic cars from all corners of the world.

Another favorite luxury vehicle of ours is the Porsche. Whenever we think of luxury, high performance and exotic cars, we think of the Porsche. Not only do we have the best Porsche mechanics in the city, we also pride ourselves on fine tuning Porsche performance. When you come into DBC Tuning rest assured our mechanics have the skill set and decades of experience to service your Porsche to perfection.

We only use OEM parts and Porsche approved fluids; there are never any shortcuts with DBC tuning. Porsche service and repairs are essential for any car enthusiast and DBC’s trained professionals will take good care of your baby.

A few of our Porsche services include:

Routine maintenance, oil changes, filter changes, brake flushes, alignment, tire rotation and more. Whatever the Porsche service is, our Porsche mechanics will inspect the entire vehicle just in case there’s something we missed. There’s no pressure though; we only want the best for our customers and we will honestly state the facts of the vehicle’s condition. Whenever there’s a problem with your Porsche, we’ll make sure to service it completely; you deserve to get what you pay for.

A few of our Porsche repairs include:

Oil leaks, coolant leaks, broken buttons, worn suspension components, AWD system malfunctions, M96/M97 intermediate shaft bearings, rear main seals, battery cables (997), Cayenne coolant pipes, boost leaks, vacuum leaks, electrical system issues, steering pumps, clutch/flywheel replacement, batteries, starters, alternator replacements, brakes. Besides a few simple repairs, we aren’t afraid of the more complex Porsche mechanical repairs, such as engine and transmission builds.

DBC Tuning is the place in San Antonio that provides all the Porsche repairs and services you’ll need. Click here to Make an appointment or call us at the shop to speak with a technician.

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