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Misfires, low gas mileage, loss of performance…. These can be symptoms of failure in your ignition system. We have put together a few kits for FSI folks to cure these problems. Our ignition kits consist of highest quality OEM products and OE Supplier German manufacturers.

We have 4 kits for you that is designed for your specific needs.

If you are looking to replace your ignition coils and spark plugs for general maintenance we would recommend using one of our 2 kits. Part Number: “IGNITION” comes with OEM replacement ignition coils and Bosch spark plugs. In case you would like to change up things a little cosmetically part number “IGNITION4” is another option for customers as the ignition coils come in red top.

For tuned cars we recommend part number “IGNITION2” or “IGNITION3” as these kits come with one heat range colder NGK spark plugs. Lately we have been installing red top coils and NGK plugs on tuned Golf Rs and K04 turbo VW/Audis and yielding to better throttle response.

Keep in mind, misfires can be related to a number of problems, not only spark plugs or ignition coils, so before you make a purchase have proper testing done on your vehicle.

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