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B7 A4 Audi A4 (2.0TFSI) 2005.5-2008 vehicles come with timing belt engines. This is an interference motor and the belt has to be serviced every 100,000 miles as per manufacturer. Although the belts seem to be holding up fine, we have seen tensioner failures in the past. Broken timing belt components can cause severe damages to cylinder heads. Despite manufacturer scheduled mileage, we would recommend timing belt servicing at around 75,000 miles.


We have been performing this service for a while. Our B7 A4 2.0TFSI Timing Belt Service include the following parts:

-Timing belt

-Serpentine belt

-Water Pump

-Thermostat (Optional)

-Timing Belt Tensioner

-Idler Pulleys and Bolt


-New engine mount bolts (not pictured)


At the time of service all above mentioned parts are carefully replaced, all bolts are torqued to factory specification. Coolant has been completely drained from the vehicle and replaced with fresh new coolant. We also inspect camshaft seal to determine whether it warrants a replacement or not, and accordingly report back to the owner.


All AUDI SERVICE A4 2.0T FSI TIMING BELT parts are German OE parts, and come with 2 years, 24,000 miles warranty. This service is performed in 1 business day.


For any questions or scheduling call 2103991172 or send an email to


About Us:

German Car Specialists, is the leading independent Audi Service serving in San Antonio, TX.


  • James says:

    Hello. I’m planning on changing my timing belt her in roughly 10,000 miles and was wondering how much your kit goes for and exactly what comes in the kit? I have a 2006 A4 Avant Quattro 2.0 TFSI.
    Thank you

    • Hey James, Thanks for reaching out. Our kit includes:


      • Timing belt
      • Tensioner
      • Tensioner roller
      • Idler rollers
      • Water pump
      • Serpentine belt
      • G12++ coolant

      Part labor and tax out the door $1050.00
      Parts warranty for 3 years 36000 miles
      Optional thermostat additional $100.00

      Let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.


  • darren says:

    My cam follower is worn through so I need to replace the hpfp, follower, and camshaft. Is this a good time to replace the timing belt and water pump or is there not much benefit in shop time?
    2007 a3 fsi – 82,000 km (51,000 mi)

    • German Car Specialists says:

      Hi Darren, thanks for reaching out. Those are two separate areas, two complete different jobs.

  • Collin says:

    My timing belt snapped on my Audi A4 and my buddy said it might need a new header witch I don’t understand because when I turn it on it just sounds like air going threw the motor and I think if it just had a new timing belt it would turn over and start running

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