Our Services

We offer an exceptional level of maintenance, and repair services for Audi, BMW, and Porsche vehicles. Our work exceeds dealership standards. We offer faster turnaround time, more cost effective services and our signature unprecedented level of attention to detail.

All services and repairs are performed by factory trained Audi, BMW and Porsche technicians.

Factory Maintenance

We offer factory scheduled maintenance services as well as regular services including:

  • Oil and filter changes

    Using OEM European motor oil and filters

  • Engine air filter, cabin air filter, fuel filter replacements

  • Transmission fluid and filter changes

  • Differential and transfer-case fluid changes

  • Brake flush

  • Spark plug and ignition coil replacement

  • A/C Service

  • Wheel alignment

  • Fuel system cleaning

  • Coolant flush

  • Power steering flush

  • Brake pads, and rotors replacement

  • Factory service reminder reset

    (only on in house services not a standalone offering)


We offer repairs on all vehicle systems and components with the exception of body work, body paint, and tire replacement. Some of the repairs include:

  • Coolant leak repairs

    (water pumps, thermostats, coolant hoses and more)

  • Oil leak repairs

    (valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets and more)

  • Electrical repairs

  • Engine repairs

  • A/C system repairs

  • Suspension and drivetrain repairs

    (shocks, struts, control arms, ball joints, wheel bearings, cv axles and more)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide easy quotes and estimates?

We give fast, friendly and fair estimates before beginning any work. If you require a specific service, we can chat on the phone or via email. For comprehensive service and a more accurate quote, we recommend you book an appointment. For written estimates and troubleshooting, charges start at $160.00 and are waived if the proposed work is authorized by the customer.

Do you offer performance parts and tuning?

Sorry. We don’t install performance parts at this time.

What Brands of Foreign Cars Do You Work On?

German Car Specialists is focused on providing the best mechanical service for all models and years of Porsche, Audi and BMW. For Volkswagen, we work on 2006 and newer. Whether you have a 1978 Porsche 930 Turbo or a 2009 BMW X3 SUV, our crew can repair and provide regular maintenance. We seek to build trust with our customers and only work on vehicles we know by the back of our hand. Mercedes, Jaguar and other luxury vehicles are better serviced at another shop. We know it means less business, but it lets us be experts on the cars we know best!


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