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Porsche Service San Antonio – 996TT Maintenance

Not too long ago we had a very clean Porsche 996 Turbo in for coolant pipe repairs. DBC Tuning / Porsche service San Antonio sees a lot of Porsche, and repairs and maintenance is something we are very familiar with.

This job required the removal of the entire engine from the car, major work was followed by that removal. Not only do we like to provide our customers with great pricing, we also like to make sure that their car is going to be reliable for them, in the city, and out. This Porsche in particular had some history of bad coolant pipes, causing some pretty stressful times. DBC Tuning made sure that will not happen again. A safe customer is a happy customer.

Porsche Service San Antonio

We at DBC Tuning / porsche service san antonio are known for our performance modifications and upgrades, but we are also known for our detailed work when it comes to service and maintenance. Your car can be the fastest and best looking out there, but with poor care and maintenance, you won’t be using it much, and could end up costing a fortune down the road.

Ask us about available maintenance plans for your porsche, we’ll be sure to guide you to the best route for the best care for your car. Sometimes dealer recommended care just isn’t enough, it all depends on how you drive, and take care of your car. You could need more frequent or less frequent services. Whatever the need, we’re here for you. CONTACT US with any questions, or just stop by our shop.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to purchase parts for DIY projects, our online store is just for you. Go check out our Porsche products and parts by going to our store. Right now we are running a special that allows free shipping on everything. If you already have parts, you may bring them in to DBC Tuning / porsche service san antonio and we’ll install them for you.

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