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German Car Specialist – Emphasis on “Specialist”

Icon newAt German Car Specialist, the emphasis in the name is on “Specialist”. Why? Because our customers trust in our expertise and it’s important to focus on what you do exceptionally well.

That said, we specialize in mechanical repairs and maintenance for the following:

  • All models and years of Porsche
  • All models and years of BMW
  • All models and years of Audi
  • All models and 2006 and newer of Volkswagen

Know your limitations, be honest with customers and work on what you know; that’s the motto of German Car Specialists. We don’t work on Mercedes, Jaguar and other luxury vehicles because quite simply, they’re not what we’re specifically trained on and those models, just like the others, only deserve best.

It’s not just sports models either when it comes to Porsche, BMW, Audi or Volkswagen; we’re trained on their line of SUVs as well. Now Minis, those are a little different animal. We know they’re made by BMW, but we prefer they are handled by people who specialize in Minis.

Logo 170Factory Trained

All the mechanics here at German Car Specialists are ASE certified mechanics. But beyond that, they are factory trained on Porsche and BMW. That makes the team at German Car Specialist an alternative to your dealer for repairs.

It doesn’t just stop with the ASE Certification or the factory training, it continues with German Car Specialists being a Bosch Certified shop. That means not only our staff, but our facility and equipment is regularly audited and inspected. Our Bosch certification provides savings to you by providing access to high quality parts at better prices. Savings and quality that is passed on to you, our client.

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Remember, it all goes back to “Specialist”, we don’t work on Mercedes, Jaguar and other luxury vehicles. We don’t warehouse tons of parts inventory, but we can order parts of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as needed. Don’t forget, as a Bosch certified shop, we pass our discounts on to you.

We don’t offer body work or major collision work, but again, this isn’t our specialty, there are lots of body shops out there that are capable of putting your car back together after a wreck, but German Car Specialists isn’t one of them.

German Car Specialist – When exceptional is what you need

“Specialist”, means exceptional, quality service and training. Want to more about how German Car Specialist can keep your car purring, call German Car Specialists in San Antonio at 210-399-1172. In a rush, book an appointment online!

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